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About the Artist

Daniel Novela enrolled for Fine Arts Studies at the Klerksdorp Campus of the Vaal Triangle Technicon where he eventually obtained his National Diploma in the year 2000, receiving accolades as one of
the top students.

Daniel has evolved a style of painting that is remarkably sophisticated; although he maintains his ancestral roots with the land, Africa, he interprets this in a style that is neither purely realistic nor overly abstract. He uses his very sensitive feeling for colour to imbue the works with a sense of time
and a place that is quite ephemeral.

Always in contact with the human scale, it is nature that eventually dominates his works, and his singular use of bold brush strokes combined with an innate sense of composition that shows an artistic sensibility born of pure intuition. His paintings become a real sensual experience in which the eyes are used to touch and relay emotions in much the way that Kandinsky would have appreciated.

He has a tenacity and integrity that has led him to his exhibitions in New York, and I predict great things to come. His works are well worth of investment, and his artistic style, particularly the sensitivity of his brush strokes and his feeling for atmosphere, is commendable.

I am very proud to be associated with Daniel’s development as a painter and as an artist who is representative of what I would like to describe as a new breed. It is time to understand that good art or even more important, great art can only be produced by integrity, talent and a commitment to
work hard and produce quality. This can be said of Daniel Novela, that he is a child of Africa, rendering pictures of Africa. But he is also an artist of the world with an understanding of the need to produce qualitative works with an inherent artistic value that can even now be translated into
investment value. It remains exciting to keep an eye on his future development.

John R. Botha
Associate Professor: History of Art, University of the North West