Daniel was born in LouisTrichardt, on the 1st of December 1964. He was born of a Tsonga (Shangaan) mother- Elina Khoza- and a mine emigrant Labourer from Mozambique- Filipe Novela, of Gaza province, Southern Mozambique.

In 1970 Elina, with her 3 children: Daniel, Flora and Leah moved from South Africa to Mozambique, to live with her husband and Father of her children.

In 1974 when Daniel was 10 years old his father Filipe died and his death left the whole family in sever poverty that Elina was not able to put her children into school.

In 1976 a year after Mozambican independence, education became free and more accessible to all children, although there was a great scarcity of teachers and very inadequate learning environment.

Daniel at this time was taken into a local school, Tlangani Primary School, which had no building at all and for four years Daniel had all his primary education classes under the tree. He was clearly a brilliant child and was one of the best learners.

The school however, had no STD 5, and Daniel was unable to attend school for the next two years: his mother couldn’t afford the accommodation and food expenses at a secondary school.

In 1982 at the age of 17, Daniel’s thirst for education pressed him to become assertive. He spoke to the provincial Director in the Department of education in Maputo about not being able to afford fees, books, accommodation and food in the boarding school for secondary education. He got a positive response and was given a place in a government boarding school in Matutuine secondary school near Maputo, where he studied up to Std 6 (the school’s highest level).

In his 1st year, Daniel was nominated as the best student for Std 5’s and in the following year, was exempted from Std 6 exams because of his exceptional distinctions.

In 1984 Daniel enrolled for standard 7 with escola de artes visuais at Av. Fernao de Magalhaes in Maputo, but was unable to finish because his mother decided to come back to South Africa as her life had become intolerably difficult in Mozambique. The field she had been using to plough to produce food for herself and her children was inaccessible because of war.

She returned with Daniel and one brother and sister and the other two children remained in Mozambique. In 1997 Daniel’s mother returned to Mozambique alone and died in Matola -Rio, in Maputo at the age of 64 in September 2001.

Daniel found his way to Klerksdorp, where he started to paint for a livelihood. He had always a strong interest in art and had begun to draw at the age of nine. In 1998 he was given an opportunity to enroll at the fine arts faculty, Vaal Triangle Technikon for the National Diploma course. In spite of registering late due to financial restraints, he managed to pass all his 2nd year subjects in 1999. In 2000, Daniel completed his 3rd year for National Diploma course successfully and became one of the best students.
Daniel is currently busy with B.Tech Degree in Business Administration at the Vaal University of Technology in Klerksdorp Campus. Daniel is married to Frangely and have
two children: a girl and a boy. They lived a life of poverty until they met Les and Sylvia Lategaan, who recognized Daniel’s talent and sponsored him and his family in a number of ways: art material, exhibitions, transport to exhibitions, University Fees, Transport to University, clothing, monthly groceries for the whole family. They also helped Daniel build a house for himself and his family.

Daniel has developed a powerful range of techniques and paints subjects that are close to his heart with sensitivity, depth and sophistication. He has participated in a number of exhibitions and community arts projects

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